Author: Norris Krueger

Dr. Norris Krueger manages to keep moving the needle in research, education and entrepreneurship with proven, recognized expertise in growing entrepreneurial thinkers and entrepreneurial communities. As a thought leader in entrepreneurial learning, his university programs earned 6 national & 2 global best practice recognition. Most-cited scholar in his specialty on entrepreneurial thinking, he’s had external fellowships with Max Planck Institute for Economics and and is now Senior Subject Matter Expert at OECD/EU for entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Academic Research Ecosystem Development Original Content

Entrepreneurial Potential & Potential Entrepreneurs: 25 Years On

Forthcoming: the new Journal of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) A chance encounter[i] at an ICSB led to a journal article[ii] has already topped 2700 citations and its basic notion has even greater influence: “Entrepreneurial Potential and Potential Entrepreneurs”. It may seem obvious now that key drivers of entrepreneurial thinking and behavior appear […]

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