Belonging-ness, part II: “Building” Communities

Ecosystem building is ultimately about community building, whether you’re trying to build your own entrepreneurial community in your city or trying to build a global community of ecosystem builders. What builds community building & belongingness? Norris Krueger weighs in with some thoughts in his latest essay. External article – read more.

Jeff Bennett

Editorial Director at Ecosystem Builder Hub

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Startup Community Engagement During Covid

Insights from the Field: Experienced ecosystem builders share their insights and experience. Much of what we do as startup community builders requires in-person interactions through workshops, meetups, and other events. But the Covid pandemic pushed the big pause button on in-person events that are the beating heart of many startup communities. Peter Cimino in Buffalo […]

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Gregslist maps of software companies in various cities
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Gregslist – The Strange Attractor

Igniting Startup Ecosystems Hold a match to a sugar cube and it will never burn. But first add a little cigarette ash and the sugar cube will burst in flames. There’s nothing like the presence of a catalyst to ignite a system. What ignites a startup ecosystem? Thriving startup ecosystems are good for the economy, […]

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4 Ways to Impact your Startup Community

Simple but effective ways to have a positive impact on the startups and entrepreneurs in your community. Ecosystem building is a growing field that’s part economic development, part community building, part business development. It grows dynamic local economies by building systems of support and resources for entrepreneurs in the communities. It’s emerging as an essential […]

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