Do you have insights about ecosystem building that you’d like to share and contribute with other ecosystem builders? Want to participate in a campaign to collect and publish those insights from the field?

I’m looking for experienced ecosystem builders to take part in a campaign to collect and publish your insights and experience. Participants will respond to a monthly email where you’re asked to answer one question related ecosystem building. Responses will be published in articles on

Potential questions might include something like:

  • What is the most critical skill or trait for an ecosystem builder?
  • What is your top advice for someone just getting started as an ecosystem builder?
  • What program or resource would you recommend for a community looking to jumpstart ecosystem building?
  • What methods, metrics, or indicators do you look at to assess progress in your community?
  • What is your advice for building trust and collaborative relationships in a startup community?

Interested in contributing 15-30 minutes of your time per month for 9-10 months in 2021?

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