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Make Startups, Support Black Innovation, Invest in Black Women Founders, Create Serendipity

The field of entrepreneurial ecosystem building and startup community building is growing. Though ecosystem building and entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy still don’t get the attention they deserve among policy makers, government leaders and the broader business world, amongst our own community, we’re getting more vocal and organized. The evidence? Check out these projects […]

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How To Grow Your Economy. Build It, Don’t Buy It!

Building Startup Communities is the Way to Economic Growth and Recovery Economies are hurting. Even prior to COVID-19, healthy economies were limited to a few metro areas. The pandemic has accelerated and exacerbated the situation. All across the country, communities need to jump start and rebuild their economies. How? Research has shown that most new jobs come […]

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A New Network for Startup Community Builders

There’s a new community network emerging to help entrepreneurial ecosystem builders connect, learn, and grow—Startup Communities: The community for entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. Startup Communities: The community for entrepreneurial ecosystem builders to connect, learn, and grow. Launched by Brad Feld in conjunction with his new book The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, co-authored by […]

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Now More Than Ever We Need Ecosystem Builders

Governments at all levels have recognized the devastating impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and small businesses and they have rallied with funding and loan programs in an effort to shore up that vital segment of the economy. Witnessing this recognition of the vital role of entrepreneurs in the economy has been encouraging. While it’s been […]

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Jump Starting Economic Dynamism with Ecosystem Building

Article originally published on Medium. Published here with permission – from myself 😉 Economic Dynamism — if you’re not an economist it’s a term that you probably haven’t heard often, if ever. It’s an esoteric term that might trigger warning bells of boredom in the brains of any non-economist. Warning! Boring economics stuff alert! But […]

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Ecosystem Builders! Look up! Look around! Connect!

After attending a couple of ESHIP Summits, I’ve noticed something about ecosystem builders — we’re all passionate about helping entrepreneurs in our community and growing our local entrepreneurial ecosystems. That’s a good thing. I’d even say it’s a requirement to be an ecosystem builder. But there’s something else I’ve noticed. Many, if not most, ecosystem […]

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Why Ecosystem-Building has Emerged as a New Approach to Economic Development

Ecosystem-building Needed to Prevent Economic Stagnation & Mitigate Economic Inequality In a recent EShip Summit newsletter, Andy Stoll, from the Kauffman Foundation asked; “Why Ecosystem Building, and Why Now?” and followed up with an invitation to ecosystem builders to discuss the issue: “Explain why ecosystem building has emerged as a new approach to economic development.” I’m fairly new to ecosystem […]

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