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Broadband, Blues, and Beer – Growing the Digital Economy in Rural America

The Great Recession in the 2000s took a heavy toll on the United States economy. While many cities have managed to recover, other communities, especially rural communities, continue to struggle. In rural communities across America, populations, employment, and entrepreneurship are declining, wages are stagnant, and increasing workforce automation is putting jobs at risk, resulting in […]

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Rural Opportunity Map
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Center on Rural Innovation Unveils the Rural Opportunity Map

New Mapping Tool Will Enable Diverse Stakeholders to Gain Insights Easily, Helping Them Take More Impactful Action to Encourage Rural Prosperity Today, at The Opportunity Project Demo Day and Summit at the U.S. Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland, the Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) launched the Rural Opportunity Map, a suite of data visualization and […]

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RuralRISE Summit: Addressing the Unique Challenges of Rural Ecosystem Building

Entrepreneurial ecosystem building is a complex endeavor in the best of scenarios. But rural ecosystem building has its own set of issues that can make it particularly challenging. The lack of population density and lower concentration of entrepreneurs and talent means that there are fewer opportunities for connections and interactions. Basic infrastructure like access to […]

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Chris Cain’s Soulful Approach to Creating Collective Impact in Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

  For Chris Cain, what sets entrepreneurial ecosystem builders apart from other players in a community is that for ecosystem builders, there’s a part of your soul in it and that a lot of ecosystem builders can’t see doing any other work. This soulful approach is reflected in her commitment to and focus on helping […]

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