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Content Creation to Connect Your Startup Community
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Connect Your Startup Community through Content Creation

A core tenet of ecosystem building is making connections—connecting entrepreneurs to people, information, and resources that can help them move their business forward. “An ecosystem that allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources helps entrepreneurs quickly find what they need at each stage of growth.” ~ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook 3.0 The […]

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Connect People. Fireside Chat 5

Social Venturers is hosting a series of Fireside Chats to discuss what makes ecosystem builders effective. Every two weeks from September 10th until December 3rd, they are hosting peer-to-peer knowledge sharing sessions and you are invited! #5 Connect people top-down, bottom-up, inside-out etc. (November 5th, 2020, noon & 2. p.m. EST) “Change creates tension. There […]

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5 Coping Techniques for Introverted Ecosystem Builders

Effective and impactful ecosystem building requires making a lot of connections in order to connect the founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to the resources they need. It’s a valuable and essential element of successful ecosystems. But, for many among us, those of us who are introverts, the effort that it takes to connect, socialize, go to […]

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