Donate to Support Ecosystem Builder Hub

Donate to support Ecosystem Builder Hub

Want to support the ongoing work of Ecosystem Builder Hub? For as little as $1 each month you can contribute to keep this project going.

A few weeks ago I put out a poll to ask for input on the future of EB Hub and also asked if people would be willing to contribute a small monthly contribution to support Ecosystem Builder Hub through a service like Patreon or Ko-Fi.

I got some good feedback from folks on that poll and I was pleased that the majority of people who responded said that they would be willing to support this project through a monthly donation.

So, if you find value in this site as a resource for stories, news, and articles about entrepreneurial ecosystem building and you’d like to show your support and appreciation, there’s now a way to do that. I’ve set up a Ko-Fi account (similar to Patreon but no fees) where people can donate. For as little as $1 each month you can contribute to keep this project going. Go to Click the Support button, set to “monthly,” choose your amount, and click “donate.”


Jeff Bennett

Editorial Director at Ecosystem Builder Hub

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