What’s new in the world of entrepreneurial ecosystem building in August? Here are the news and stories I came across in August.

Economic Developers Cannot Just Rely on Corporate Recruitment — They Have to Grow Their Own Ecosystem

“Successful teams invest in the development of homegrown talent and then complement that talent with free agents that value a team (and a culture) guided by a focused strategy for growth and development. It is far too easy for communities to lose sight of that.”

In his latest essay on entrepreneurial ecosystem building and economic development CO.STARTERS’ CEO Enoch Elwell uses the analogy of sports teams growing their own talent vs buying it to compare entrepreneurial ecosystem building to attraction-based economic development. External article – read more.


Norris Krueger Wins Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award

ESHIP Goals Champion and ESHIP Goal 5 leader Norris Krueger is on a roll. Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management awarded Norris the Division’s 2020 Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award. Norris is also the 2020 ICSB Presidential Award Recipient awarded on June 27, 2020 (MSMEs Day). The ICSB Presidential Award is a high honor given to those exceptional ICSB members who can integrate the importance of service and empathy into their roles as innovative leaders.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Norris for a couple of years now through the ESHIP Goals Meetup calls and Goal Champions work. Norris is a tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem building. Congratulations Norris! External article – read more.

Norris’ work has been featured frequently here on EB Hub. Check out more articles by Norris and spotlights of him.


It is Entrepreneurship Time: Ecosystem Building: An Idea Coming of Age?

How can the Kauffman Foundation’s ESHIP Goals support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Norris Krueger addresses that in in the ICSB Annual Global Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Report. External article – read more (starting on page 55 of the report)


1863 Ventures Town Hall Video Recap: Radical Collaboration for Black Wealth Creation

Last Friday, 1863 Ventures held a virtual town hall, Radical Collaboration for Black Wealth Creation. Yesterday they published the video and resources from the event saying:

“On behalf of the 1863 family, thank you for joining us at our first town hall. While this has been an incredibly difficult past 4 months for our founders and families, there are moments in time where the angst dissipates and we allow ourselves to feel grounded. Without a doubt, this past Friday was that moment for our entrepreneurs and stakeholders who (like you) hold the belief that we have the capacity to build a new world for the New Majority.”

Watch the video


ESHIP Communities Ecosystem Builder: Dan Smith

As part of a continuing series, Forward Cities has been interviewing ecosystem builders in their ESHIP Communities program. In this article, they interview Dan Smith about his commitment and work to support inclusive entrepreneurship in Kansas City. External article – read more.

Keystone Podcast Season Two Recap

If you consider yourself an ecosystem builder and you haven’t been tuning into the Keystone Podcast yet, you’re missing out. Produced by Yuval Yarden and Charlton Cunningham, the podcast has wrapped it’s second season and just released a recap episode before launching into the next season. If you’re tuning in for the first time, this episode serves as a primer, a chance to hear some headlines so you can hop in to the episodes that are most relevant to you. There’s a lot of great content in these episodes. Check it out.