Ecosystem Building News Roundup February 1, 2021

ecosystem building news

Kicking off Black History Month I want to emphasize a few articles in each newsletter this month that shine a spotlight on the diversity, equity, and inclusion and on the ecosystem builders who are doing exemplary work to break down and root out systemic barriers. In this week’s newsletter, those ecosystem builders include Paulo Gregory’s work in Baltimore, Mariah Lichtenstern’s work on inequality in investors, and Shelly Bell’s success with Black Girl Ventures.

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Cohado as a Practice for Ecosystem Builders

“Are we dismantling the systems that create inequity and injustice? Or are we simply treating the symptoms of “The System” that lie at the root of the problems we seek to solve?” Louisa Shepard’s synopsis and commentary on Paulo Gregory’s 2017 ESHIP Firestarter talk.

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Connective Impact in Baltimore

ESHIP Baltimore’s Local Organizer and Cohado Founder Paulo Gregory (see link above) works with the local ESHIP Baltimore council to engage entrepreneurs and community leaders to cultivate the creativity, innovation and leadership of Black Baltimore as a model for thriving equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems of the future.

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Investors Still Engage in Racist Redlining. Why Haven’t We Done Something About It?

Mariah Lichtenstern is managing partner of DiverseCity Ventures and a thought leader in our Sacramento region startup community. Fortune recently published her op-ed about how income inequality and the wealth gap are tied to SEC regulations that we have the power to change.

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If you agree with her position, sign a petition to the SEC to democratize accreditation.


Nike Invests $500,000 In Black Girl Ventures To Advance Black Women Entrepreneurs

In one of the most dramatic success stories of an ecosystem builder that I’ve seen, Shelly Bell’s Black Girl Ventures recently scored a huge win with Nike supporting her efforts to provide Black and Brown women-identifying founders with access to community, capital and capacity-building.

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Ecosystem Builder Podcast: Startups Leading Omaha.  Nebraska’s Economy with Erica Wassinger

Erica Wassinger is a founder, columnist, and ecosystem builder out of Omaha, Nebraska. In this video she overviews the Omaha startup scene, discusses her approach to storytelling for the Omaha World-Herald, and shares the strategy her team takes to growing Nebraska’s economy through new businesses.

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Connecting Innovation & Entrepreneurship Across Campus

Startup Champions Network (SCN) profiles SCN Member Sammy Popat who works to empower entrepreneurship through Startup UMD, the Terp Entrepreneur Network, the local chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and Innov8MD.

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Big Ideas 2021: A Bold Path Forward for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Venture Well writes that fortifying innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems will be an important part of solving society’s problems equitably and sustainably and offers four ideas to address the challenges ahead.

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Social Venturers Masterclass: Rooted in Purpose

Never get stomped on again. Uncover what drives you and lead with your values.

Date: February 5, 2021, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST

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