Welcome to the latest roundup of news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem building field.

Startups as a Tool for Economic Development with Christina Oldfather

Christina Oldfather discusses how promoting startups can lead to economic development. Christina is the ecosystem builder in Lincoln, Nebraska. After decades of work, Lincoln has been able to cultivate startups that have grown into international businesses with thousands of employees.



Reflections on the Field of Ecosystem Building in 2021

Dell Gines shares his reflections on the field of ecosystem building including four impactful things that occurred in 2021 as well as his thoughts on where the field needs to grow in 2022.

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Research: How Entrepreneurship Can Revitalize Local Communities

Much has been written about the potential for entrepreneurship to spur economic growth — and yet time and time again, we’ve seen business-driven revitalization programs fail to make a real, lasting impact on their local communities. What will it take to foster ventures that actually revive the economies in which they’re founded? The authors discuss the results of an eight-year investigation into two organizations that took opposing approaches to supporting entrepreneurs in Detroit.

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Ecosystems for Change Podcast Launches

Anika Horn has launched her ecosystem building podcast — Ecosystems for Change. In season 1, Anika takes a deep deep into what ecosystem building actually is — not to establish a single definition but to showcase the variety of approaches and concepts that lend themselves to the uniqueness of each community.