Building Racial Equity in Tech Ecosystems to Spur Local Recovery

“By prioritizing inclusive tech ecosystems, Black households will be able to leverage the power of innovation and the increased global reliance on technology to create wealth and contribute to enhanced productivity and quality of life in the nation’s local economies.”

Dell Gines and Rodney Sampson teamed up again to pen an article released by Brookings Metro for their Actionable Ideas for Economic Recovery in American Cities series. External article – read more.

Manifesto for a New Majority
Anika Horn is one of the top ecosystem building storytellers and thought leaders out there, consistently sharing great thought pieces and interviews. In her latest musings, Anika has created a manifesto for ecosystem builders and in doing so, rallies ecosystem builders, saying, “This is our time. This is our movement.” External article – read more.

Ecosystem Building Principles in Changing Times | #1 Put Entrepreneurs Front & Center
Ecosystem building thought leaders Fay Horwitt shares some thoughts on ecosystem building during the social challenges we face today and suggests that we “need to throw out half of what we know and approach our work with a completely new lens. In order to fully grasp the gravity of our current state of affairs, we must, first, understand the basic building blocks of what makes any economy (or ecosystem) function.” External article – read more.

#Ecosystemsrecover: A Financial Model With A Human Approach
In their latest #Ecosystemsrecover series, Startup Champions Network spotlights Chris Cain, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Alternatives Federal Credit Union and their approach to creating new funding vehicles to address the funding impacts due COVID-19 and challenges of inequitable distribution of economic injury disaster funds. External article – read more.

Business and Entrepreneurship Will Play a Critical Role in Creating a Better World. Here’s How.
“But what do we need to do to nurture communities that already support the development of entrepreneurs who have a mission to make money and make a difference? … We can start by building up a network of relationships with clarity of purpose, creating density of trust. These “entrepreneurial ecosystems” with a high level of trust help foster the risk taking that true innovation requires-and true innovation is not just defined by technical achievement.” External article – read more.

Our Economy Measures Success with the Wrong Metrics. Here is How We Should Measure Successful Economic Development
From a recent article from Co.Starters’ Enoch Elwell: “We need to stop determining economic success solely through traditional measures like GDP, and instead shift to more comprehensive measurements of ecosystem health.” He goes on, “One way to gauge our success in moving toward that world is by measuring how many aspiring entrepreneurs have received the training and support they need to launch their business.” External article – read more.

Meet Kristin Leutz, Executive Director at Startup Champions Network
Anika Horn from Social Venturers recently interviewed Kristin Leutz, Executive Director of Startup Champions Network (SCN), a leading ecosystem building organization. Find out about Kristin’s thoughts on the world of ecosystem building, SCN’s #EcosystemsRecover campaign, Kristin’s go-to examples for ecosystem building and more. External article – read more.

Allyship for Changemakers and Ecosystem Builders
Another great series of articles from Anika Horn. Check out her series on Allyship for changemakers and ecosystem builders on Social Venturers!

Knowing what I know now (Allyship pt. 1)
This is YOUR job (Allyship pt. 2)
Allyship with the New Majority (Allyship pt 3)

Inclusivity Increases Economic Productivity in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Dell Gines argues that you cannot claim to be a good ecosystem builder unless you focus on inclusivity in your ecosystem. If you are not an inclusive ecosystem builder, you are allowing lower economic output and the inefficient allocation of resources in your community. External article – read more.

An Insider’s Guide to Getting Grants
Tips For Grant Writing to Fund Your Community Work

Finding funding to do our work — it’s a frustration and problem that most ecosystem builders are too familiar with. Funding from grants is one of the main sources of funding for many of us who run non-profit ecosystem building organizations, but it’s a royal pain. CO.STARTERS Director of Operations, Rebekah Marr, understands that pain and wants to help. After spending years as the foundation officer reading those grant applications, she left to help organizations write better grants. In a recent article on CO.STARTERS, Rebekah shares her insider tips for writing better grants. External article – Check it out.