How Ecosystem Builders can Engage Local Government with Scott Resnick
In episode 23 of the Keystone Podcast, Yuval and Charlton chat with Madison, Wisconsin ecosystem builder Scott Resnick about how to create collaborations between the entrepreneurial community and your city that lead to quick wins; who are the ideal stakeholders or points of contact within government that are best positioned to support entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders; what motivates politicians, how to identify the ones who will be interested in entrepreneurship and what metrics will impact their decision making; and how ecosystem builders join the city wide political conversation. <strong>External article – <a href=”″>read more</a>.</strong>

Our Economy is Moving from the Industrial Age to the Connected Age
“By recognizing the need to adopt a Connected Age strategy, economic developers can remove the barriers for the dreamers and builders in their community and give them the chance to take control over their own lives through entrepreneurship.” CO.STARTERS’ Enoch Elwell shares his thoughts on shifting to the next economy, and argues that “Developing a strong Connected Age local economy depends on fostering homegrown entrepreneurial talent and connecting those entrepreneurs to mentors and other business leaders who are ready to reimagine their community. External article – read more.

Bridging Entrepreneurship and Racial Equity to Accelerate Black and Brown Founders with Melissa Bradley
In Episode #24 of the Keystone Podcast, Charlton and Yuval welcome Melissa Bradley to the show in an engaging and informative discussion to talk about racial equity and accelerating Black and Brown founders. External article – read more.

Tech Community Must Do More Than Tweet Support. It Needs to Invest
Felecia Hatcher shares thoughts and insights on fostering racial equity and how we need to foster Black talent and value in our communities. External article – read more.

Ecosystem Healing: A Call to Action for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Field | Part 1
Ecosystem Healer Fay Horwitt shares wise insights on the trauma that society is experiencing. External article – read more.

Austin’s startup ecosystem bands together to fight racial injustice
The Austin startup scene is banding together on several fronts with new initiatives aimed at stopping the cycle of police brutality and racial injustice. External article – read more.

#EcosystemsRecover: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Flooding the Ecosystem with Builders

In the latest of Startup Champions Network’s #EcosystemsRecover series they spotlight the recovery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa after its devastating flood in 2008 and how ecosystem builders like Andy Stoll, Amanda West, and Eric Engelmann helped to lay the groundwork around the idea of ecosystem development as a strategy.

“Ecosystem building helped the city rise after a major disaster. Ecosystem builders helped the community organize to rise and respond to a second natural disaster, and now, ecosystem builders are still answering the call to support the community.”

External article – read more.

Ecosystem, Your Silence is an Investment
“It’s been a painful week, month and year for all of us. Especially painful for Black Americans the last week,” writes Rodney Sampson. Reflecting on the systemic racial inequity built into the existing system, Sampson asks, “So, my ask is that you all check on Black ecosystem builders, funders and founders everywhere. Listen to us and believe us when we tell you what we experience every day of our lives in this industry.” Learn more about what you can do to help.