Welcome to the latest roundup of news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem building field.

Supporting Successful Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Webinar

InBiA hosted a webinar that explored the essential elements of healthy ecosystems, the current state of the field of ecosystem building, what it means to be an ecosystem builder, and provided an overview of the recently launched Ecosystem Builder Leadership Project.

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The Slow and Complex Nature of Systems Change

Ecosystem building is systems change and working in complex systems.  Anika Horn recently wrapped up Season Two of her podcast, Ecosystems for Change. In a set of conversations with ten ecosystem builders Anika took a deep dive into systems thinking and complexity, including how ecosystem builders can take a long-term, systems thinking approach to their work.

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What Does the Field of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Need?

The ecosystem building needs in communities all over the world are unique and tied to the distinct character and resources of the communities. Ecosystem builders supporting and serving these communities all bring varying insights and experiences in supporting their communities. The Ecosystem Building Leadership Project is looking to tap into that wisdom to better understand the needs of the field, or discipline if you will, of entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

Help support the field by providing your unique insights and perspectives on what the field needs.