Welcome to the latest roundup of news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem building field. First up is a bit of housekeeping. Starting with this month I’m switching to a bi-monthly format for the newsletter. Maybe it’s due to the pandemic easing its grip on us, or the oncoming summer, but open rates and click-through rates on this newsletter have dropped a lot over the past few weeks. So, engagement is down, as is the time and energy I’m able to put into EB Hub, so the logical thing to do is scale back somewhat for now.


Entrepreneur-Led Economic Development: A New Strategy for Generating Local Growth and Productivity

The best way for local governments to foster economic development is to support entrepreneurship. A new report from Ian Hathaway and Rhett Morris outlines a comprehensive approach.

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Eze Redwood on Intentionality in Community Building

Eze Redwood is an ecosystem builder from Kansas City, Missouri. He joins the Ecosystem Builder Podcast to discuss the importance of intentionality in entrepreneurship and ecosystem building. He also overviews the startup community he’s helped build while providing the keys to their success for the other communities across the country.



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