Welcome to the latest roundup of news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem building field.

Value: Redefined

Anika Horn explores how we as ecosystem builders define value and how we prove the value of the work we do in entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

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Entrepreneurship-led Economic Development Needs Grassroots Support

I had the opportunity to join David Ponraj of Startup Space on the Breaking Down Barriers podcast for a conversation about the value of grassroots entrepreneurship support organizations. We discussed models for ecosystem building, challenges around data, ways to raise awareness about the power of entrepreneurship in economic development, and more.



Tom Chapman on Shaping the Field of Ecosystem Building

Tom Chapman is a world-renown ecosystem builder from Omaha, Nebraska. As one of the first players on the ecosystem-building scene, Tom has helped establish the field as we know it today. On this video podcast, Tom discusses the issues he sees with entrepreneurial activity across the nation and shares insights from his local scene in Omaha.