Ecosystem Builder Hub would like to cultivate a collection of stories and case studies from ecosystem builders. If you are an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and would like to contribute written content for publication on this site, please review the editorial guidelines below, then contact us.

Overview and Vision

Storytelling emerged as an initiative during ESHIP 2018. Following that summit, the concept of a hub for stories about ecosystem building and information sharing emerged. The concept is a place where ecosystem builders can come to learn, be inspired and motivated. This includes stories, articles, tips, resources, and information written by ecosystem builders, about ecosystem builders/ecosystem building, for ecosystem builders.


Content Objectives

The online platform will strengthen the link between ecosystem builders by raising awareness, sharing stories, tips, information, learnings, and resources related to entrepreneurial ecosystem building.



As opposed to writing articles for entrepreneurs, the audience for this platform is ecosystem builders. The purpose is to be a supportive hub of information and stories to support ecosystem builders. Examples of ecosystem builders that are targeted include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (nonprofits; incubators/accelerators; co-working space)
  • Community Development Organization & Advocacy (broader community building)
  • Mentor groups such as SCORE, SBDC, etc.
  • Government or Public Officials
  • Education (University / K-12)
  • Economic Development / Chamber of Commerce / Tech Association (their goal is economic and workforce development)
  • Philanthropy/Foundation


Article Requirements

  • Original articles be related to entrepreneurial ecosystem building.
  • Articles should be roughly 300 – 800 words, but longer “thought-piece” articles are ok as long as they’re on point
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article
  • Short author bio (2-3 sentences) and photo
  • Please make sure your proper title and organization are included


Voice, Tone, and Formatting

  • Above all, articles should be written to be helpful to fellow ecosystem builders.
  • Articles should avoid excessive self-promotion or hype-laden marketing language.
  • Preferably, write in short sentences. Break up large blocks of text with bold headings.
  • Use bullet or numbered lists where appropriate
  • Use headers and sub-headers to break up your article.
  • Where appropriate, end the post with a question or a call to action. The more specific, the better.
  • Strive for a positive tone. Avoid a negative tone. Avoid accusatory, negative, language.



Great headlines draw more traffic and generate more social media shares and click-throughs. Please refer to the following articles for guidance on crafting headlines:



  • The post should include at least one photo or image of high quality and be relevant to the post content – no clip art or blurry, pixelated images. Images are typically 1 MB or larger for full quality.
  • Proper attribution should be included at the bottom of the post as follows:
    • [image credit: Name]
  • You must provide assurance that he or she may freely dispose of the rights to use the work and that there are no rights of third parties that prevent the free use of the work by the blog, in particular no copyright, trademark, personal or other protective rights.


Editorial Review

The goal is to form an editorial board/team of ecosystem builders to review content in order to maintain content focus, ensure fairness and equity and prevent abuse by spammers, internet trolls, etc. The editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject articles.