To you, what is an ecosystem builder?

To me, an ecosystem builder is someone who works to grow, support, and nurture entrepreneurs to create a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. We do this through linking, leveraging and sharing of capital – social, intellectual, spiritual, financial, cultural, experiential, material and living.

What motivates you as an ecosystem builder?

I grew up in a family-owned business and experienced firsthand the joys of entrepreneurship but also the lows. My dad, who is an immigrant and had a 6th grade education, didn’t know where to go for help and was also too shy to seek help. He eventually ended up having to close his business after 12 years. This is what motivates me to be an ecosystem builder.

What is your biggest frustration as an ecosystem builder?

Lack of diversity especially when it comes to immigrant and refugee communities.

What ecosystem building skill/knowledge do you want to gain?

I want to learn how do you measure your entrepreneurial ecosystem. How should we interpret the data about our startup community, especially in immigrant communities and communities of color?

Pay it forward: Who else deserves recognition for their ecosystem building efforts (name + email)?

Dan Smith – Porter House KC

Jeff Bennett

Founder and Editorial Director at Ecosystem Builder Hub. Former/retired co-founder and President at StartupSac. Semi-retired ecosystem building writer.