Ecosystem building and community building is hard. Entrepreneurship ecosystem builders work for social change and impact — working to help their communities thrive. They amplify the work of local makers, doers and innovators by championing their efforts and rallying support around them. They build a culture of trust and collaboration among stakeholders, so that the doers and innovators have equal access to information, talent and resources when they need them. But it’s exhausting and mostly unappreciated work with few resources to help ecosystem builders learn, grow, cope, and thrive.

For years now, and with far too little fanfare, Anika Horn has been consistently creating and publishing resources and content for entrepreneurship ecosystem builders to help them learn new skills and better handle the stresses of ecosystem building life. She did this initially through her Social Venturers website with blog post articles, fireside chats, and masterclasses.

In 2022, Anika launched the Ecosystems for Change podcast. In the podcast, Anika explores how ecosystem building can help unleash the full potential of the makers, doers, innovators and visionaries in our communities. She talks with her guests about the tactics and practical skills they use in their everyday work and what they do to prevent burning the candle at both ends.

Over the course of several seasons, Anika has explored numerous themes and interviewed dozens of ecosystem builders who share their insights and experience. For ecosystem builders looking to up their game, Anika’s podcast is a must-listen.

Ecosystems for Change Podcast Seasons and Themes

Season 1: What is ecosystem building?

Ecosystems for Change Season 1

In Season 1, Anika welcomes ecosystem builders from around the world. Her ecosystem building guests share how they support change makers in their community by using a systems approach. Check out to Season 1.

Season 2: The slow and complex nature of systems change

Ecosystems for Change Season 2

In Season 2, Anika explores complex adaptive system and talks to systems thinking ecosystem builders to better understand how to navigate and affect change in complex, adaptive systems. Check out to Season 2.

Season 3: Burn both ends

Ecosystems for Change Season 3

Ecosystem building is challenging on many levels and the challenges of life and years of toiling as an ecosystem builder take their toll. Burn out is a serious problem for ecosystem builders. In Season 3 Anika talks to practitioners about burnout and their coping mechanisms. Check out to Season 3.

Season 4: Social Capital

Ecosystems for Change Season 4

Building trust and relationships is critical to successful ecosystem building. But how do ecosystem builders actually go about building their social capital and managing conflict? In Season 4, Anika welcomes guest to explore building a culture of trust and collaboration. Check out to Season 4.

Season 5: The Quitters

Ecosystems for Change Season 5

In season 5 of Ecosystems for Change, Anika explores quitting, talking guests about their experience with quitting. Check out to Season 5.

Summer Skill Sessions

Ecosystems for Change Summer Skills Sessions

Between podcast seasons, Anika shares short episodes that introduce ecosystem builders to  very practical skills for ecosystem builders — skills like storytelling, ecosystem mapping, outreach, and productivity. Check out the Summer Skill Sessions.


Jeff Bennett

Founder and Editorial Director at Ecosystem Builder Hub. Former/retired co-founder and President at StartupSac. Semi-retired ecosystem building writer.