It started with an innocuous Tweet from Victor Hwang, former Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation.

This simple concept soon exploded on the #EcosystemBuilding Twitter-verse (in relative terms, the Ecosystem Building Twitter-verse is still pretty tiny). Other Ecosystem Builders began to respond to Victor, sharing their experience trying something similar.

Soon, people were adding new ideas to the concept. @paigehewlett asked, “What if that gift was skills, like email marketing set up, or foundational bookkeeping skills?”

@steven_m_coen asked, “What if everyone brought one introduction, preferably of a potential customer or power user over a potential investor?”

@ajshcolz in Portland chimed it to share that “There’s a woman doing business showers, like baby showers, but for startups.”

@marazepeda clarified the details

Further action on the thread revealed that there are even startups with products and services that support the concept.

It has been fun to watch this thread on Twitter and see how Ecosystem Builders are connecting (ala ESHIP Goal 4 – Connected Networks), to share ideas and successful programs.

Intrigued by the idea or have experiences with the concept that you’d like to share. Follow the thread on Twitter and join in the conversation.