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avoiding burnout
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Avoiding Burnout and Staying Motivated

How ecosystem builders stay motivated and avoid burning out. Ecosystem building work is often thankless, tiring, and even demoralizing at times. How do ecosystem builders stay motivated to keep doing the work? What specific practices do ecosystem builders use for self-care, to keep going, and avoid burning out? This was the question I put to […]

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Jess Edwards’ Reflections as Dan River Region Ecosystem Builder

The Dan River Region Ecosystem Development Project as a promising sign for the sustainable future of Ecosystem Building…  As a project-based Ecosystem Builder, I have observed the exciting recent shift in conversation and strategy around building and scaling entrepreneurial ecosystems. Evolving from, “We need to be collaborating more and breaking down our silos…” to a […]

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The Unsung Heroes of Ecosystem Building

Building a movement If you work in the field of ecosystem building in the United States, chances are you have heard of the ESHIP Summit, hosted annually by the Kauffman Foundation since 2017. It is a three-day conference during which we Explored the biggest challenges ecosystem builders face in their work (2017) Defined and grouped […]

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