Taj Ahmad Eldridge

Unsung Heroes Goal 1
Inclusion & Diversity Inclusive Field Original Content Unsung Heroes

How to build a more inclusive field: ESHIP Goal 1

Inclusive Field. Ensure Ecosystem Builders from diverse perspectives lead our field In a nutshell: “As professional change agents, system thinkers, and resource providers, ecosystem builders are well positioned to see the hidden structural barriers that perpetuate disconnection, segregation, and isolation – and to remove them. However, we need diverse voices to lead us toward understanding […]

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Builder Spotlight Original Content Unsung Heroes

Unsung Hero Spotlight: Taj Ahmad Eldridge, L.A., CA

To you, what is an Ecosystem Builder? Someone who takes action today that will benefit the future. A person who selflessly gives in order for others to shine. A champion who uses their voice not to sing their own praises but rather to amplify the voices of others. What motivates you as an ecosystem builder? […]

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