Election drama and the ongoing and surging pandemic aren’t keeping ecosystem builders from creating and sharing new content and resources. Rick Turoczy is waxing eloquent on trust in community. Anika Horn continues to explore ecosystem building principles, and CO.STARTERS has released their annual gift guide featuring unique gift ideas from small businesses from across the country.

Trust is the Currency of Community

Trust is critical in  ecosystem building. Portland ecosystem builder Rick Turoczy recently penned a great essay, In Community We Trust. “Trust is the currency of community,” says Rick. He points out that trust should never be taken for granted and has the work philosophy of “assuming that trust is a precious commodity that always must be managed, developed, and maintained. In this essay, Rick shares some guidance on how he goes about doing that work. As trust is so essential to community and ecosystem building, this is a must-read article for ecosystem builders.

Inclusion and Hope

In Anika Horn’s continuing fireside chat conversations with ecosystem builders she and several ecosystem builders recently explored the ecosystem building principle of fostering conversations. Ecosystem builders shared their experiences and perspectives on radical inclusion, shifting conversations toward hope. Check out these insights from your ecosystem building peers.


The fourth annual CO.STARTERS Holiday Gift Guide is back to help you invest your shopping dollars where it matters! This year more than ever, supporting starters and small businesses with your holiday spending provides a direct way to take actions that rebuild the very fabric of our communities.

This year’s guide is the biggest ever, featuring more than 150 unique gift ideas, from one-of-a-kind artisan crafts to problem-solving inventions.  Some facts about the businesses featured in this year’s guide:

  • 70% are women-owned
  • 28% are owned by a person of color
  • 60+ cities/regions are represented, in 18 states and 3 countries

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